The Proactiv+ System


Skin gets worse before it gets better

If you suffer from breakouts, it's likely that you'll have a long list of tried and tested products (including those perhaps given to you by a doctor), that you believe don't work for your skin. It may be that a product isn't right for you (i.e. by causing irritancy), or it may be that it doesn't contain the right ingredients or sufficient amounts of active ingredients to be effective.

However, the most common reason for treatment failure is that many people use a product for only 1 or 2 weeks before deciding that it is not working. It is very important to realise that even with the right product(s), containing blemish-fighting ingredients (such as salicylic acid), it takes time and perseverance to see results. Although results may begin in as little as one week, it usually takes a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks to really see a significant improvement.

That's the reason behind our recommendation that you continue to use the Proactiv+ three-step system twice daily for at least six weeks before you decide that the products aren't right for you.

What can you expect from the Proactiv+ 3-step system?

Initially, you should see pimples drying up and visibly diminish. They can take 2-4 weeks to fully settle, and they can leave behind red marks which can last for weeks or months. These red marks take longer to fade as they are simply remnants of the pimple that was present earlier.

They should be touched or picked as little as possible to allow the skin to recover more quickly, and keeping your skin hydrated with a non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking) moisturiser can help.

It is also important to know that when breakouts are visible, there will also be several invisible blemishes ‘brewing' underneath the surface of the skin, just waiting to erupt (usually when you have a date or a party!). Proactiv+ products start to tackle these areas from day 1, helping to draw out the trapped dirt, sebum and skin debris. This may mean that your skin gets a little worse before it gets better. However, with continued use of Proactiv+ products, once these areas have been treated, you should start to notice that you develop fewer new breakouts, and that the pimples that do appear clear more quickly and with less redness, tenderness and scarring.

Your skin is clear with Proactiv+ 3-step system – what next?

Even with the most successful blemish-fighting treatments (including those prescribed by a dermatologist), there is a chance of breakouts returning. Your skin is programmed to behave in a way unique to you, and for some, unfortunately this means a tendency to breakouts throughout the teenage years, twenties, and for some, even into the thirties or even later. Many people stop using products (or relax a little on their skin care routine) once they have reached their goal of clear skin.

Sadly, however, breakouts will commonly flare up again if you stop using a product to counteract the build-up of grease and dirt within pores, so it is worth getting into a regular skin care routine which helps tackle blemishes and keeps the skin looking fresh, clean and clear.