NuBrilliance™ Beauty Breeze Lighted Mirror

Product details of 5X Magnifying Sweat-free Portable Keeps Skin Cool beauty LED Lighted Breeze Makeup Mirror. Mirror is unique in that it has a built in powerful but quiet triple fan that distributes a 360-degree gentle breeze to keep your skin cool. So, it allows you to apply your mascara, foundation, blush and eyeliner without melting. Mirror has a daylight balance LED ring offering soft clear lighting, so you get all the brightness you need, and the simple touch operation on your mirror lets you choose the light, fan or both. Height: 13.5" / Diameter: 7.9"

NuBrilliance™ Mirrors

* Batteries not included in the purchase. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix Alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries.
* Purchase your NuBrilliance™ Mirrors along with a 30 or 60 day kit and we'll deliver these for FREE!
For purchases without a 30 or 60 day kit, the following delivery fees will apply:
- P150 on My FoldAway, My FoldAway Compact, Flexy Mirror and P255 on Breezy Mirror for Metro Manila.
- P313 on My FoldAway, My FoldAway Compact, P316 on Flexy Mirror and P480 on Breezy Mirror for non-Metro Manila.